Rules for applicants




Rules: In line with its charitable status, Southwell Choral Society will offer, annually, a bursary and an award to help further the musical careers of young people living within the environs of Southwell. 

These will be known as:

a) The Southwell Choral Society Bursary and b) The David McIntosh Award

1. Each year applications will be invited from individuals under the age of 25 on 1st Sept of that year and whose permanent address is within a radius of 10 miles of Southwell Minster.

2. Application forms will be made available each year from early March and should be completed and returned by mid April (the web site will give the exact date of closing). Forms will be available from the Co-ordinator (

3. Applications will be considered by the adjudicating panel whose decision will be final. Any and all winners will be announced as soon as possible after the end of April. 

4. Applications will only be accepted from individuals.  The bursary and the award are intended to support vocalists and instrumentalists in all genres of music, and may be used for travel, purchase of books, instruments, scores, audition fees or tuition. 

5. All aspects of the Equality Act 2010 will apply to each application.

6. In accordance with the Data Protection 2018 Southwell Choral Society will maintain full confidentiality of all information received through the application process but retains the right to publish the name(s) of the successful applicant(s).

7. Applicants should also submit an audio/video file in any format in support of their application not exceeding 10 min in length. Liability cannot be accepted for this material and any matters of copyright are the responsibility of the applicant.

8. The bursary and award may be combined into a single award at the discretion of the adjudicating panel. Previous winners of the bursary or award are not eligible to apply. Anyone related to any applicant will be ineligible to be on the adjudication panel.

9. The adjudicating panel reserves the right not to make the bursary and the award in any year.

10. The current monetary value of both the award and the bursary will be displayed on the web site.

11. The bursary and the award certificate(s) will be presented at a Southwell Choral Society concert where the winner(s) may be invited to perform.

12. The Co-ordinator and the adjudicating panel are unable to enter into further correspondence or communication with the applicant or their family other than during the application process.