Committee and Special Roles

Committee and Trustees

Eileen Campbell: Chair

Jane Gamble: Treasurer and ticket sales

David Harget: Bookings Secretary and Platform Organiser

David Wathen: Concert Secretary 

Annette Durrand: Friends Secretary

Geoff Littledyke: Librarian

Simon Smith; Assistant to the Treasurer

Neil Parrott: Membership Secretary and Website

Alison Wakefield: Minutes Secretary 

Carol Fitzgerald: Social Secretary

Off-Committee Roles

Jenny Pace: Soprano Rep

Sue Burgin: Alto Rep

John Southall: Bass Rep

Jen Calthrop: Tenor Rep

Malcolm Gamble: Publicity, Programme, Key Co-ordinator

Kitty Van Der Eijk: Concert Manager

Rob Pearce: Email Correspondence, Concert-Day Platform Co-ordinator

Jane Taylor: Refreshments Lead

Thelma Clark: Bursary Organiser